Costa Rica Bucket List

Here are some things I hope to accomplish, see and or experience on my trip- We’ll see if I actually accomplish these. Some will be easy, others might be more challenging. If I can check half of this list off then I’ll be satisfied. Heck, anything on this list is worth celebrating when it’s accomplished.

1.) Make it to San José [survive the Denver Airport]

2.) Explore the City/ get lost with friends

3.) See a sea turtle/ watch them hatch on the beach

4.) Successfully finish a cup of coffee [I’ve never had a cup of coffee]

5.) Share the gospel with someone who has never heard it

6.) Go surfing [or at least see someone surf]

7.) Climb a mountain/volcano

8.) See the mangroves (this one is for Graham and Sean)

9.) Learn how to salsa dance [or dance in general -because I’m not very good at it]

10.) Go on a canopy tour in the rain forrest [Zip-line]

11.) Learn how to cook a Costa Rican meal

12.) Go a day without speaking english

13.) Go birdwatching/ find a toucan!

14.) Climb a tree [I don’t know why, but that sounds like a good thing to do]

15.) Make something new

16.) Convince someone that I’m famous [again, I don’t know why this one is on here]

17.) Do a good deed/ change a life

18.) Drink fresh coconut milk

19.) See a monkey in the wild

20.) Eat something really weird

21.) Pull a prank on someone

22.) Attend a football game [soccer] at the National Stadium

23.) Shop at the market/ bargain in spanish

24.) Go white water rafting

25.) Go cliff jumping/face my fear of heights by doing something scary

26.) Surprise someone!

27.) Do something really spontaneous

28.) Save someones day!

29.) Relax in the natural hot springs

30.) Go scuba diving/ snorkeling in the ocean


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