First day of school!

Today was the first day of class! I’m taking beginning Spanish 102. I have 14 people in my class but according to the people here that’s a really big class. It’s so pretty here, this is the view from my classroom window.
I love how you can see the mountains everywhere you go. Class was pretty easy, our homework is easy right now because it’s the beginning. You know that show are you smarter than a fifth grader? Well, I can tell you that when it comes to my Spanish I am not even smarter than a 4 year old. I wish I was joking…
We had lunch after class at a nice little pizza restaurant next to the school. One of my friends realized she lost her passport while we were doing our homework at a coffee shop, it was a nice little scare but we found it under a stack of notecards in her room. No matter where you lose a passport, it’s a scary matter.
Later today we got to go salsa dancing at the school. They have free dance lessons on Tuesday and Thursday. Yeah I am terrible at it. No joke! The instructor kept correcting me and she was kinda scary not gonna lie, I was turning the wrong way… Aparently you’re supposed to turn LEFT! Oops… Anyway, it’s really nice getting to know more people each day. We were laughing really hard at the dance class. I have “shy hips” according to the instructor. I consider them more conservative maybe? I really don’t know what she means by that! Maybe I don’t wanna know…



One thought on “First day of school!

  1. Halle,
    I may stalk you a bit via your blog life. But can you really blame me? No.
    I’m jealous to say the least of your classroom view. There’s still way too much snow here but it hit thirty today! Keep writing, I’ll keep reading. But, when you get back you better not have shy hips, I need someone to keep up with me!

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