Que Lindo

So apparently 14 people is a large class here. When we got to class today our professor got rid of over half the class because it was too big. Now my class consists of six people. That makes no sense to me but hey, less people to embarrass yourself in front of when talking in spanish. We get to speak in front of the class many times. Our professor is very nice at least. She’s trying to pressure us all to take her spanish class after this one ends. After class today a group of us went to walk around san jose. We went to a nice restaurant with a sweet tico playing guitar for us as we enjoyed a nice lunch. The waiter spoke english and it just so happened that of all the tables we could have picked we sat at the one under the american flag. We are such gringas. After lunch we walked over to the market. We spent a bit too much time there.



One of the first things I learned here was that everything is “lindo” also known as beautiful. Mama tica says it all the time and I guess I didn’t realize until today that I have started to pick up on it. Every place we stopped at I got caught saying “Que linda”. One man went out of his way to tell us that we were in a market. No really? And another man taught me what a fork was. Do they think americans are stupid or is it just me? I’m not sure. It was funny though. one of the vendors made us “pura vida” rings. He was super nice and didn’t charge us for them. He made them right in front of us. I was an idiot and bought a hammock. I’m excited about it for sure, but it was annoying to carry back.


Mama tica made us chicken and rice for dinner. Shocker… more rice… Ticos love their rice! but then she gave us donuts too, donuts and rice go well together. mama tica told me i’m gonna be gordo (fat) when i go back to Minnesota. Oh gosh, if she keeps feeding me donuts I wouldn’t be surprised. Seriously, every day I like my host mom more and more. I told her that I’m anemic and that I have some pills I need to take and she got really excited because she’s been anemic too and said that she knows good foods to make for them. I get luckier and luckier each day when it comes to my home stay. Mama tica es que lindo!


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