Out of the bubble

They say that when you get to a new place like this that you experience culture shock. Well, I can tell you now that I have yet to experience any extreme culture shock since being here. Given it’s only been 5 days, so far I have experienced a type of culture shock that probably no other students here are experiencing. Because I come from a small Christian university, I live a pretty sheltered and innocent life. For example, I’m not used to being around swearing. It has been awhile since I’ve been around it. Seriously people are saying s*** and f*** all the time. Each time I hear it I cringe inside. It’s weird because it’s just normal. It has nothing to do with Costa Rican culture at all. It’s the american culture that shocks me the most. I’m no longer living in my “Bethel Bubble” anymore. I’m in the real world. To me, that is a shock. I’ve been living in a bubble since freshman year. I didn’t even have a summer away from the christian bubble because I went up north to work at a bible camp over the summer. The bubble there is even stronger than Bethel because it has no social media to keep you connected at all whatsoever. Seriously, while I was at camp I didn’t even hear about the death of one of my friends because I was unplugged. I found out over winter break that my friend passed away last summer. It was a shame but hey, I’d rather find out by talking to someone than reading about his death while scrolling through my newsfeed. This last semester I wasn’t on Facebook either because I just needed a break from a few things. I still am not a very big fan of social media but hey, I’m kinda far from home so I have to stay connected somehow. Maybe there’s a reason that I’m now living outside my comfort zone. I’m encountering and meeting people that are much different than I am. We all come from different places with different backgrounds and choose to make different decisions. Somehow, we are all brought together to this place and maybe there’s a reason for that. Heck, I know there is (Romans 8:28). The power of prayer is what has brought me here and I know that had it not been for Him, I wouldn’t be here at all. Not even the slightest chance. I’m not sure what everyone believes here when it comes to faith. Some probably believe in God, others maybe not. It’s crazy to think about. I’m not used to being around people who are different than I am, isn’t that weird? It’s making sense to me that I’m here to learn and gain new experiences. I’ve been living in my little hermit shell for too long! how can you ever build awesome relationships and live life to the fullest if all you do is stick around people who believe the same things as you? I don’t think that’s how life is meant to be lived, yet that’s exactly how I’ve been living it. 


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