The Muñeca

Yesterday I was laughing so hard at lots of things. My friend and I were eating Oreos while studying, but we ended up not really doing the studying part. We were in an odd mood and for some reason everything was funny. We were nearly peeing our pants laughing at literally nothing. The studying was not really happening but I took the exam today and it was a piece of cake, at least I think so. Sometimes you never know. Anyway, 3,000 calories later and nothing learned, I returned home and spent some time with my tico family. I can’t get over how much I have lucked out when it comes to my home stay. I know I keep talking about how much I love it but honestly I can’t get over it. They literally treat me like I’m a part of the family. Not only that but they also go out of their way to make sure I’m enjoying it here and feel like I’m at home. One of my friends from my program is staying with a host family that doesn’t even eat with her. It’s kinda funny and it’s something we joke about, but there’s no way I’d be able to handle that. I’m not introverted enough to eat by myself every day. Yesterday My host sister Ingrid was visiting. She has a house just a few blocks away and so we see her very often. Ingrid, mama tica and I enjoyed some freshly cooked plantains and coffee, an interesting combination. Ingrid burnt the first batch and told me that they’re not good when they’re black. That afternoon was one of the first times where I was able to actually understand what was being said for the majority at the table. I guess after two weeks of being here my ears are finally starting to adjust to the language. Although, it is still very confusing at times. The other day I thought mama tica told me we were going to visit a cemetery, but we ended up going to get dog food. Whenever we leave to go somewhere, I usually don’t know where we’re going unless it’s to church (Iglesia) or the university (universidad). It’s kinda like a surprise. I just have to follow and see if I was able to guess where we’d end up. Anyway, While we were sitting at the table we had good conversation and I was actually able to understand their questions and tell them about myself and what I’m studying and what it’s like in Minnesota. Ingrid then paid me a huge complement. She told me that she really liked having me here and that I’m different than some of the other gringas (americans). It meant a lot to me that she said that and it really melted my heart for some reason, as cheesy as that sounds, I feel the same way towards this family. Then mama tica asked me if i liked living here. She asks me this question about every other day. Then she asked me if I like her house. I told her I did, but then she said “Pero no le gusta mi muñeca” which means I don’t like her doll. I was very confused. The dog’s name is muñeca, but I like her dog. I pointed to her dog and said, “me gusta muñeca” but she was talking about a different muñeca. Ingrid started laughing really hard and I was more confused than ever. Then mama tica went upstairs and brought down a little ceramic doll/ decoration piece that I talked about in my youtube tour of the house. I made a really dumb comment about it and said that I thought it was kinda creepy and didn’t like it or something. I guess Ingrid saw it on Facebook and that’s how mama tica found out. I didn’t realize that it mysteriously disappeared after I posted my video. Mama tica took the little muñeca out of the living room because she thought I didn’t like it. I felt so embarrassed and really dumb for making a comment about it, but both mama tica and Ingrid were in tears laughing about it. When I apologized and told her it was just a joke and that I wasn’t serious, she assured me that it was okay. She then joked about putting it in my room during the night. I hope she isn’t offended, but I’m pretty sure she’s not. Based on how hard she was laughing, I can tell she got a kick out of my video and the whole situation. I think it’s hilarious, especially the fact that she went out of her way to take it out of the living room. Talk about great hospitality! I don’t know why I even said anything about it in my video, I honestly didn’t mean it at all. But hey, it makes for a great story and something to laugh about. But in all honesty, I really hope I don’t wake up one of these days with the muñeca staring at me. The thing is kinda creepy…



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