Wanted: anything but rice and beans

As you probably could guess, the food here is not exactly the same as what we eat in the states. Each day my meals are a complete surprise, although now I’m usually surprised if there’s not rice on my plate. My first few days here I had a hard time eating. I was not in the mood for rice, but then it hit me that rice and beans is pretty much all they eat here. Why the heck they eat it for breakfast is beyond me, but now I actually am starting to like it. I’m not a very picky eater but I’m someone who prefers variety. The one thing I didn’t like and could not drink was a glass of papaya juice. I thought I would like it but it was disgusting. I left it on the table untouched, I would highly not recommend it. Before this year I was not a very big coffee drinker at all. Couldn’t even stand the smell of it. After an exhausting semester and battling mono I just couldn’t stay awake during the day and so I had my first coffee. Ever since, I think I have an addiction. There are worse problems to have. You know what’s really good with coffee? Rice and beans….
Lately I’ve been craving anything that’s not rice and beans. My eating habits have been absolutely horrible the past few days because my friend Rachel and I discovered a place that sells Oreos and all sorts of sweets. Yesterday after our exam, Rachel, Victoria and I got together to catch up on some American TV. Obviously we needed to watch the bachelor finale. I’m never watching it again. Each year I tell myself I’m never going to watch it again. Spoiler: I probably will. After wasting 2 hours of our life we wandered over to a recently discovered grocery store. I never thought I’d be so happy to walk into a grocery store. They really didn’t have much here but it was still a glorious place. We were hoping to buy ingredients to make cookies, but they don’t have those here. Then I wanted to buy a tub of frosting. Guess what, they don’t have that either. Heck they don’t even sell peanut butter. Victoria and I spent a half hour staring at the collection of icecream (which was seriously only 3 small shelves of options). It was an overwhelming decision, but then we had a lightbulb go off in out heads. We decided to get cookies too! Best decision of the day. We ate icecream and cookies in the park. A lot of ice cream and a lot of cookies. No, no I don’t have any regrets. I was just glad that the ice cream wasn’t rice and bean flavored or something.


When I got back to my house it was nearly dark. No one was home and it was kinda nice to have a quiet house to myself for a little bit. I just got the registration packet for next fall and started trying to piece together a schedule. Right now I’m having a few issues with my classes here because I’m currently taking only 2 that I need. We’re going to sort it out next week and I’m not too worried about it but I’m thinking about changing my emphasis in order to make it work better. I’m thinking about switching my communication emphasis in business to an emphasis in writing with a minor in journalism and media. I know, this is like the 3rd or 4th time switching but if I can’t get everything I need to take here. This switch would actually work better anyway. While I was going through my quarter life crisis and trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life, jefe came home and I was trying to explain to him my crisis. He thought I said I was leaving and then he told me he will miss me. But when I told him I’m here for 4 months he gave me a thumbs up. Then mama tica came home with Ingrid and her granddaughter. I taught her granddaughter “boom-snap-clap” and the cup song. I’m such a camp counselor. She loved it though. Then mama tica tried doing the cup song and it was quite the scene to watch. Then, it was time for dinner. Guess what we had! If you guessed rice and beans, you’re correct. Rice and beans are my favorite… Mmmmm. every. Single. Meal…. **sarcasm


One thought on “Wanted: anything but rice and beans

  1. You’ve come a long way from,”I don’t gike dis,I don’t gike dia and I don’t gike dis!” Enjoy those oreos. Can we send you a care package?

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