Bonito Día

Last saturday I stayed back instead of going to Puerto Viejo with the rest of the people in my program. It was really nice staying back because I really wanted to spend some time with my tico family. As usual, I had no idea what they weekend would entail. Mama tica and her family members always try and talk about making plans with me and all I can really do is nod my head and say “Si”. That morning we woke up and after a nice plate filled with gallo pinto (rice and beans) and a plate of seconds. That’s right. I asked for seconds. We then hopped in a taxi and off we went. I invited my bud Victoria who also stayed back this weekend. She got to experience the confusion that I go through just about every day here. We weren’t sure where we were going or what patinar meant, but about 5 minutes later our taxi pulled over and across the street was the patinar place. On the building was a sign with roller-skates on it. So, we went roller skating. For the first half hour it was just me, Jefet and Victoria skating. Mama tica doesn’t skate so she sat and enjoyed watching us stumble around. We made a few videos of us skating, there’s a pathetic one of me skating and dancing around. After awhile Ingrid and her daughter Camilla joined us. Ingrid faced her fear of skating. She once was pushed down/ got beaten up while she was skating a few years back and ever since she’s hated it. I couldn’t even imagine going trough that so props to her for getting back out and trying again. She spent the entire time clinging to the wall and I’d have to help her cross over everyone in awhile. We spent about three hours skating. The whole time Camilla was gripping onto my arm as though her life depended on it. Mama tica kept telling me that I didn’t have to skate with Camilla the whole time and that I could go and skate around on my own but honestly I can go skating anytime I want back home and Camilla probably doesn’t get to skate all that often, if ever. So I didn’t mind at all. By the end of it, I know I had gotten a good workout out of it because I was stiff and sore. After many laughs, a few wipeouts and pure exhaustion we headed out.

After we went skating we crossed over to the mall on the other side of the road. San Pedro mall is a rather unique mall and it’s “sketchy” according to Victoria. We’re not sure how this happened but there was some sort of miscommunication because we went into the mall and mama tica asked me if I had my llaves (keys) and when I told her I forgot them at home she gave me her set and started walking away. Victoria and I exchanged mutual looks of confusion and realized that we were being ditched at the “sketchy” mall. Thank the Lord that Camilla spoke english because we were able to tell her that we had no desire to be left at that mall and we wanted to go with them wherever they we going. To this day I still have no idea why we almost got left there it was one of those language barrier situations I guess. It was funny. We ended up taking a taxi over to another mall. I really don’t know why we went to this mall instead but it’s called Multiplaza and it’s much nicer. There was a coca cola promotion going on and they had some stationary bikes in the middle of the mall for people to use to compete for prizes. Mama tica made us do it and so we looked ridiculous, but we won a pair of free sunglasses and some coke. I then made mama tica do it and it was so funny. I took a video of her on the bike and when I showed it to her she loved it. she won a large coca cola jug and she was more than proud of it. We walked around for a little bit and when we were done we headed over to her daughter Kimberly’s house. Mama tica tried to invite Victoria but she wasn’t able to go because she had to get home to her host family’s house for dinner. Mama tica called over a taxi and basically shoved Victoria into the taxi, spoke some really fast spanish that was so confusing it sounded like gibberish and then the taxi whipped out of the parking lot. Victoria’s face as the taxi drove off was priceless. I have yet to take a taxi by myself and I really don’t want to but I’m sure one day I’ll have to. Soon after that we ended up in our own taxi and off to Kimberly’s house we went. She lives in a very nice part of town about 20 minute away. Her neighborhood is gated and you can tell that it’s nice because they don’t even need to lock their doors. Kimberly came home with about 20 bags full of groceries from Walmart. It’s a funny paradox because here Walmart is REALLy expensive and so only the wealthy people can afford to shop there. Her husband then made some drinks and handed me something called a Mojito something. I don’t want to even know what it was but I took a sip because I didn’t want to offend him. I could tell it was some strong alcoholic drink . It tasted nasty, and didn’t want it at all. They asked me if i liked it and I didn’t know hot to politely say I didn’t want it. For some reason whenever I need to communicate something I always forget the words I need. The first thing I thought to say was “No quiero estar borracha.” Which means “I don’t want to be drunk.” I wasn’t trying to be funny but the family thought that was hilarious and even the next day they brought it up, still laughing about it. I didn’t have to drink it and mama tica just smiled and took the drink away.

For dinner we had Chinese takeout. Of course it was fried RICE (but hey, no beans this time). Ingrid joked about eating rat meat or something. I thought she was serious that we were eating rats, honestly at this point nothing would surprise me, but she was just joking. This family loves joking around. Kimberly drove us home after dinner. She has a five person car and so we had to cram into it. In the backseat was a carseat for her daughter Isabel and mama tica climbed right in. I was dying laughing. If I wasn’t so tall I probably would have had to sit in the carseat but the fact that she was just perfectly comfortable was just so funny. We were all laughing the whole ride home and mama tica pointed out that laughing is good for you health. When we got back she asked me if I had a fun day. She described the day as Bonito (which is pretty). Seriously, she calls everything “lindo” or “Bonitio.” It’s amazing how many things it describes. I guess her life is just filled with beauty. Anyway, our day had lots of exercise and laughing so it was a pretty healthy day if you ask me.


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