This minnesotan chica is leaving the freezing, negative-degree, tundra-like weather and switching it up for some tropical, Costa Rican sunshine. I’m studying abroad in San José this Spring! From February 28th to June 28th, I’ll be living with a host family, studying at a local university in San Jose, soaking up some sun, speaking spanish [probably making up some spanish-sounding words], exploring the country and maybe I’ll have some unique experiences while I am there. To be honest, I am going into this journey unsure of what to expect. I know absolutely no one who is going to be there, I have a very limited spanish vocabulary and this trip is something that is way outside of my comfort zone. Yet, I couldn’t be more thrilled! Something excites me about the fact that I will be a confused little american, and for once in my life I’ll be trusting and depending on God for all things. I have many fears that I will be getting over. To list a few; I have  a fear of traveling alone, being surrounded by strangers, airports [especially the Denver airport where I have a 4-hour layover], large cities and the unknown. For some reason, God has challenged me to trust Him, to be open to go wherever He wanted to send me. Long story short, He’s sending me to here. I’m going to miss my family, friends and all of the other people in my life so much! But, there’s just so much to look forward to and enjoy and so I’m looking forward to all that I’ll get to experience. I’m going to do my best to keep an updated blog for anyone who wants to follow what I’m up to! Also,I could use a lot of prayer-Especially for safety, trust and faith in God, adapting to the culture, not getting too homesick, friendships with the other students on my trip, great community, living with and getting to know my host family, and ultimately an awesome experience!


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